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Ellen Paul

Art auction to benefit Caribbean Birds

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We are excited to announce that we are launching an Art Auction to Benefit the Conservation of Endangered Caribbean Birds. The auction is made possible, thanks to generous donations of 3 gorgeous paintings by talented St. Lucian artists: Christopher Cox, Donna Grandin and Daniel Jean-Baptiste.


The auction will open on May 3rd at 7 AM and end on May 12th at 5 PM Eastern - mark your calendars! Further details are on our blog and the Auction page:







We published a blog post this morning to announce the auction and the blog article will appear in our April Newsletter. We have also announced the auction on our social media (BirdsCaribbean Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). We will continue to share during the auction week.


We would be very grateful if you could help us promote this auction with your networks of bird, parrot and art enthusiasts in whatever way you can - email, in your newsletters/ websites, sharing our blog and auction site links and social media posts, etc.. 


And of course, we hope you will bid and perhaps win one of these stunning paintings!!!


Many thanks in advance for your support and help!


Warmest best wishes,


- Lisa


p.s. This is our first time doing an auction like this; if you have experience and suggestions for us to improve our results, please let us know!


Lisa Sorenson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, BirdsCaribbean
Boston, MA
(508) 655-1940 (home office)
(508) 333-8587 (mobile)
Skype: Lsoren
www.birdscaribbean.org | www.caribbeanbirdingtrail.org

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