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Andrea Patterson

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The Eastern Bird Banding Association seeks applicants for grant awards to be used toward research using banding or other avian marking techniques.  From one to five grants of up to $1000 each will be awarded with priority given to research being conducted on species that spend at least part of their life cycle in any U.S. state or Canadian province included in EBBA territory. Projects that are planned for other portions of the United States, Canada, or the Western hemisphere also may be considered. Research studies with conservation or management implications are particularly encouraged.

Applicants should submit a resume of their banding and ornithological background, the project plan including the significance of the study and a budget.  No formal application forms are necessary, but we ask that all applications be submitted electronically.  Applications should be submitted as a single PDF document, with the following naming convention:  Lastname_Firstname_EBBA2019.

Grant requests must be received by 15 March, and award announcements will be made no later than April 30.

Grantees are strongly encouraged to become members of EBBA, and are asked to submit a summary of their work at the end of the year, or present at least part of their study at the annual EBBA meeting. Travel grants for this purpose are available. 

Send applications and/or inquiries by 15 March 2019 to:

Andrea Patterson


EBBA Grant Announcement 2019.pdf

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