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Trovan tags


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From a recent email:

Would [the low-cost RFID] board work with the trovan RFID pit tags? If not, what are the tags it will work with? It seems to be that there’s (probably due to patents) going on some shielding of markets between the EU and the US, so not all tags are available here [in Europe].



I could never get a clean signal from the Trovan tags. I have looked back at my notes, and I think I know what I did wrong, but I have not gotten a chance to try again. The readers I'm making right now work at 125kHz and follow the EM4100 (or EM4102) protocol (see http://www.priority1...0_protocol.html). With a few hardware and software changes I can make them work at 134.2 kHz following the ISO11784/5 protocol (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_11784_%26_11785). I'm not sure about availability of these tag types in the EU, but I would be surprised if they are not available. I suggest contacting cyntag.com and seeing if you can get them.

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