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DOI planning huge document purge

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The Dept of interior is asking for permission to destroy records about oil and gas leases, mining, dams, wells, timber sales, marine conservation, fishing, endangered species, non-endangered species, critical habitats, land acquisition, and lots more. Basically records from every agency within the Interior Department, including the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Geological Survey, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and others. This is all content that would normally go to NARA for collection and preservation.

It is apparently an enormous quantity of information


Comments may be filed as follows:



a.  Access the Federal eRulemaking Portal at: www.regulations.gov

If you have the regulation’s docket or RIN number:

Enter it into the "Keyword or ID" box;

Select "proposed rule" in the document type box;

Click on the button "submit a comment";

Fill out the information requested in the submission form;

Attach your comment as an uploaded file or type or paste it into the comment box;

Click the "submit" button one time; and

Copy down your comment receipt number in case you need to track the comment.

If you do not have the regulation’s docket or RIN number:

You can search for the regulation by type of document, using keywords such as the agency name or the topic area, and by status (such as regulations closing soon or newly posted ones).

Once you find the regulation, follow the last four steps above to submit your comment.

b.  Fax your comments to: (301) 837-0319

Include the regulation’s docket or RIN number and address your fax to:

Regulations Comments Desk

c.  Hand-deliver, mail, or send your comments by courier to:

Regulations Comments Desk (SP)
Suite 4100, Strategy Division
Office of Strategy and Communication
National Archives and Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001


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