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Research/Funding Opportunities for 2019 at Huron Mountain Field Station, northern Michigan

Melanie Colón

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The Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation invites proposals for field-based research, in all areas of natural science, focused on the landscape and ecosystems of the Lake Superior basin, particularly the Huron Mountains of northern MI. 

The Foundation offers small GRANTS and provides housing and facilities free of charge at the Ives Lake Field Station near Big Bay, MI.

HMWF provides exclusive research access to a large (ca 10,000 ha), ecologically diverse, private natural area in the Huron Mountains of northern Marquette Co, MI. The area includes extensive old-growth forests, diverse aquatic systems, and a variety of other habitats. 

Particular priority for grants goes to: 'seed' projects that might lead to successful proposals to major funding agencies; long-term studies; projects that make use of the ‘reference ecosystem’ values of the study area.  

HMWF also supports biodiversity/taxonomic documentation and is particularly interested in projects addressing poorly studied groups in its extremely diverse research area (see website, below, for current biodiversity inventory).

The Foundation’s website, at www.hmwf.org, provides information about past and present research projects.  Go to the ‘for researchers’ tab for guidelines for research proposals.

Proposals for the 2019 field season should be submitted by 1 Feb, 2019; this deadline is strict if funding is requested.

For further information, contact Kerry Woods, Director of Research atkwoods@bennington.edu

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