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FLightR - determining 'log.light.borders' and 'log.irrad.borders' for an unknown tag type

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I am using Lotek Lat2800 geolocators to track the year-round movements of thick-billed murres. This tag type is not recognized in FLightR. How can I determine the 'log.light.borders' and 'log.irrad.borders' for my tags? So far I have tried inserting different values until I am able to successfully create a calibration object, which works, but is probably not the best solution.

Thank you,

Allison Patterson


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  Hi Allison,

 I can add a tag to FLightR to make it processing yur tags automatically. DO you have on bird calibration data from several tags? If so, sould you sent me those together with the calibration coordinates? I will try to have a look.



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