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Critically Endangered in Bhutan: Save the Heron, Support a Kingdom

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Greetings OE Partners & Friends,

I am writing to make a community announcement and to request your help in support of an initiative for the critically-endangered White-bellied Heron, the second largest heron species in the world, whose last and final population stronghold remains in Bhutan and the Eastern Himalayas.  With fewer than 60 known individuals on the planet, the survival of this species lies in the balance as it sits on the verge of extinction.

I have worked on Black-necked crane and White-bellied heron conservation in Bhutan for almost 5 years with an environmental conservation organization called the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN). They have been dedicated in their work for avian conservation for 30+ years.  And yet, In short, they really need some help supporting their efforts for White-bellied Herons.  I am hopeful that the online community of ornithologists can provide some support, no matter the amount.

I invite you to take a moment from your day to visit and consider supporting: 


If you cannot offer support at this time, would you please consider sharing this link within your personal or professional networks?

Thank you for your consideration and help!

Kind regards,



13th April 2016 Burichu 1st nest (1).JPG

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Guest Your help for White-bellied heron

We have reached over $500 in support! Thank you to everybody who has shared this message within your network. Sadly, the window on this opportunity to support is closing soon, please consider sharing or supporting in whatever way you can. Many humble thanks.

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