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LunAero: A Moonwatching Migrant Tracker - Crowdfunding Campaign


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Greetings OE members,

I'm a postdoctoral researcher working in the lab of Dr. Eli Bridge (ebridge on this site).  We are running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for an ambitious birdwatching project.  We have designed a spotting scope turret that works with computer vision on a Raspberry Pi computer to automatically track the moon through the night sky.  This program records video of the moon, and automatically counts birds as they cross in front of the moon.  

We have a few units built, but we want to do a bigger project.  We are going to send units to collaborators for FREE across North America to conduct a large scale study on the autumn migration.  So, we are going to try out this newfangled thing called crowdfunding.  You should take a look at our page HERE, which is full of information and pretty pictures.  We are updating the page on a weekly basis with new videos and photos.  We'd love for you to contribute and share this among your friends, colleagues, and other enthusiasts.  If you are interested in participating by using a LunAero unit in the fall, you should let us know.



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Reminder: This is the final week that the crowdfunding initiative will be open.  We need your support.  Please be sure to pass this along to friends and colleagues who might be interested in our work.

Check out our latest videos:

LunAero: How It's Made - see members of the OU biologging lab machining a LunAero unit and get a rough overview of how it works.

LunAero: Just Birds - see through the eyes of a LunAero unit! Compare raw footage against the computer vision and see how many birds you can count.

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