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National Parks advisory board resigns in protest

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The New York Times reports that nine of twelve members of the National Parks System Advisory Board, a Department of the Interior panel of outside experts, originally created in 1935, have resigned in protest of Trump administration policies that the board members say have ignored science, squelched efforts to address climate change and undermined environmental protections.


“From all of the events of this past year I have a profound concern that the mission of stewardship, protection, and advancement of our National Parks has been set aside,” wrote Tony Knowles, the head of the advisory board.


“We resigned because we were deeply disappointed with the department and we were concerned,” Mr. Knowles said in an interview. Mr. Zinke, he said, “appears to have no interest in continuing the agenda of science, the effect of climate change, pursuing the protection of the ecosystem.”


The Washington Post reported that, "Members, most of whom have worked together for seven years, were surprised to not be consulted on Interior’s recent decisions to increase visitor fees and reverse a ban on plastic water bottles in the park system."

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