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Announcing a new award – the Waterbird Society Research Award

Fern Davies

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Announcing a new award – the Waterbird Society Research Award:

This annual award was created in 2017, and is funded through a Waterbird Society endowment. The goal of the Waterbird Society Research Award is to encourage significant advances in the biology, ecology, status assessment or conservation biology of waterbirds. The award is open to work on all species of  waterbirds, especially those not eligible for other Waterbird Society grants. Depending on the scientific merit of the competition, awards will be offered in most years – one or more awards up to a total of $3,000. The deadline for applications is 01 February 2018. Please refer to our webpage for more details:  https://waterbirds.org/research-grants/waterbird-society-research-grant/

Change to the deadline for research awards:

We are changing the deadline for applications for all Waterbird Society research awards, to better align the disbursement of award funding with the time period when it is needed most (i.e. prior to the commencement of proposed work). Beginning in 2018, proposals for the Kushlan, Nisbet and Waterbird Society research awards are due by February 1st. Awards will be announced no later than March 1st. Please see our website for more details: https://waterbirds.org/research-grants/


Erica Nol

President, the Waterbird Society

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