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Grant Applications Due in January and February

Melanie Colón

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New grants are available every month. Here's a sample of applications due in January and February:


Association of Avian Veterinarians Research Grant: $10,000 http://www.aav.org/research/index.php?content=grants


AOS Student and Postdoctoral Research Awards: Max $2500 http://www.americanornithology.org/content/aos-student-and-postdoctoral-research-awards


Bo Koster Grant for Nature Study: Max $2000 http://www.wgnss.org/bo-koster-grant.html


Crowder-Messersmith Conservation Fund: Max $2000 https://anshome.org/crowder-messersmith-fund/


Frances M. Peacock Scholarship for Native Bird Habitat: Max $4500 https://www.gcamerica.org/scholarships


Grants for the Conservation of Birds of Prey: Max $5000 http://www.peregrinefund.org/burnham-fund


James L. Baillie Memorial Small Grant: Max $1000 http://www.birdscanada.org/about/funding/jlbmf/


Sonoran Joint Venture Awards Program: $5000-10,000 http://sonoranjv.org/funding/sjv-award-program/request-for-proposals-2/




Check out our funding database for more grants and awards: http://ornithologyexchange.org/resources/grants.html


Feel free to add your own grant to our database or let us know if you find something new (or something outdated).

Happy grant writing.

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