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Error in GeoLight after using mergeSites function

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Hi all,


I have edited twilight events from Migrate Tech tags using preprocessLight in TwGeos. I have then converted to TAGS format using the function BAStag2TAGS. I have been able to follow the workflow for GeoLight up until the function mergeSites, after this step I get the following error:


"Error in solve.default(fit$hessian) :
Lapack routine dgesv: system is exactly singular: U[1,1] = 0."


My code up until this point looks like this:


# so we have to extract twilights
tw<-TAGS.twilights[TAGS.twilights$twilight>0 &  TAGS.twilights$excluded==0
                   & TAGS.twilights$datetime<as.POSIXct("2017-06-12", tz="UTC"),]


# make pairs

                                    tz="UTC", format="%Y-%m-%dT%T")

cL <- changeLight(gl_twl,  quantile = 0.95, days = 5)
mS <- mergeSites(gl_twl, site = cL$site, degElevation = elev, distThreshold = 400)


​If anyone has encountered this error before and can shed light on what I am doing wrong, it would be much appreciated.





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Hi Leah,

I also have been experiencing the same error when I use the mergeSites function. I have tried with multiple different geolocator tags and keep getting the same error. Were you able to get past this error?

If anyone is able to provide any suggestions on how to overcome this error that would be greatly appreciated.



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