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Weird results

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Hi everyone,

I used FlightR to analyze seven tags from Thrushes tagged in South America and it worked pretty well.

Now, I'm running a tag for a different Thrush species (I know this species migrates way slower than the first one) but the results don't seem to make sense.

When I plot the results the bird is all over the map and the migratory path is like a zigzag. 

The light data is very clean, and I'm doing exactly what I did for the first species.

Has anyone run into the same issue? I really don't know what to do to improve the results.

Any advice will be appreciated.



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   Hi Ana,

 I looked at your data and it looks like you have some problems with the calibration times:


  calibration.start=as.POSIXct(c(NA, "2014-10-20")),   
  calibration.stop=as.POSIXct(c("2014-04-10", NA)),
  lon=-74.51644, lat=4.36459) 
This will create you following data.frame:
  calibration.start calibration.stop       lon     lat
1              <NA>       2014-04-10 -74.51644 4.36459
2        2014-10-20             <NA> -74.51644 4.36459
First line makes first calibration period and second line second.
  Results look ok in this case but some outliers still remain.
  Hope it helps,
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Hi Eldar,

Thanks so much for your help. I'll be more conservative when using the graph resulting from "plot_slopes_by_location" to select my calibration periods. 

Any advice to deal with the outliers?

Thanks again,


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