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Funding for travel to Israel

Melanie Colón

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BEN-GURION UNIVERSITY OF THE NEGEV AND THE KEREN EMBAR FOUNDATION ARE PLEASED TO INVITE APPLICATIONS FOR: THE KEREN EMBAR TRAVEL PRIZE The Keren Embar Travel Prize is given annually to an outstanding student in ecology to support travel that will open new opportunities in research and education that otherwise are not available at Ben-Gurion University, to facilitate research, or to allow students from abroad to visit the laboratory of a Ben-Gurion University ecologist. This may include: 1. Travel to remote field sites and biological stations in Israel and abroad. 2. Visits to the laboratory of outstanding evolutionary ecologists from around the world. 3. Visits to the laboratory of a Ben-Gurion University ecologist by a graduate student from abroad. 4. Participation in ecology field courses. The Prize honors the memory of Keren Embar, who tragically passed away while researching the behavioral ecology of voles in Finland. Keren engaged the world with a creative eye all full of wonder. We will long remember Keren’s broad curiosity and the enthusiastic commitment to ecology and evolutionary biology that burned within her. She had achieved excellence in her field and was overflowing with promise for greater discoveries to come. Keren was always looking for new opportunities to learn, to travel to new environments, to acquire new skills. The Keren Embar Travel Prize supports a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow to do what Keren most loved to do. The Keren Embar Travel Prize includes a cash award of 3,000 NIS. Eligibility: 1. Graduate students and postdocs in ecology and conservation at Ben- Gurion University or who come from Rosh HaAyin, Israel and are enrolled in an accredited university ecology or conservation biology program. 2. Graduate students and postdocs in ecology and conservation biology from a university outside of Israel. Application materials: 1. CV 2. Invitation from host, details of course, or information about the biological station or field site. 3. Short letter (one page) detailing the purpose of the travel and how it will benefit the student. For those planning on conducting research, an additional short paragraph (up to 300 words) describing the work should be included. Obligations of the recipient: The recipient shall make a short video or Powerpoint presentation detailing their activities and achievements made possible by the prize and shall file a brief financial report listing how the prize money was spent. They should attend the awards ceremony at which the winner is announced if possible. Please send application materials as email attachments to Prof. Burt P. Kotler at Kotler@bgu.ac.il . Applications must be received by August 1, 2017.

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