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Wilson Ornithological Society research grant winners 2017

Guest Meg Hatch

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Guest Meg Hatch

The Wilson Ornithological Society is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 research grants. There were 111 applications, and the following 10 grants awarded:


Louis Agassiz Fuertes Grants (up to $2500)

Rebecca Koch. Auburn University.  “Testing the antioxidant benefits of pigments using a carotenoid-free bird.” Adviser: Geoff Hill.

Ryan Bourbour. University of California, Davis. “Feeding en route: Is raptor migration fueled by migrating songbirds?” Adviser: Josh Hull.


George a. Hall/ Harold F. Mayfield Grant

  • No qualified applications for 2017

Wilson Ornithological Society Grants ($1500)

Cory Elowe. University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “ Integrative investigation of selection and plasticity in the migratory life history of Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis).”

Ellie Milnes. University of Guelph and Ontario Zoo. “Investigating bird-tick-pathogen associations: the potential role of migratory passerine birds in expanding the geographic range of Babesia odocoilei, a tick-borne hemoparasitic disease of deer and elk.” Adviser: Nicole Nemeth.

Jenna McCollough. University of New Mexico. “Phylogenomics of the pantropical avian clade Coraciiformes.” Adviser: Michael Andersen.

Dani Valgardson. University of British Columbia. Co-evolution and Symbiotic Relationships of Feather Mite Fauna and Neotropical Woodcreepers. Adviser: Jill Jankowski


Paul A. Stewart Grants ($1000)

Benjamin Lagasse. University of Colorado, Denver. “Spatiotemporal Repeatability in Migration of an Arctic-breeding Shorebird, the Dunlin (Calidris alpina).” Adviser: Michael Wunder.

Katie Bjornen. Northern Michigan University. “Avian Foraging Response to Jack Pine Volatile Chemicals.” Adviser: Alec Lindsay.

Ian Ausprey. University of Florida. “How Does Dispersal Ability and Matrix Permeability Regulate Avian Community Disassembly in Fragmented Cloud Forests of the Andes?” Adviser: Scott Robinson.

Joseph Niederhauser Florida Atlantic University. .”Post-fledging survival of the Bachman's Sparrow.” Adviser: Rindy Andersen.


A sincere thank you to the following people who served as reviewers: Diann Prosser, Mark Stanback, Jerome Jackson (despite hosting the WOS conference), Todd Katzner, Joe Poston, Robert Smith, Chris Gougen, William Brown, Clait E. Braun, TJ Zenzal, Kamal Islam, Sarah Sonsthagen, James Hare, Scott Robinson, Jeffery Stratford, James Whatton, Kristen Covino, Michael T. Hallworth, Greg Shriver, Carla Dove, Letty Reichart, Megan Crane, and Zachary Ladin.

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