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New volumes of Studies in Avian Biology (vol. 38-45)

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The Cooper Ornithological Society is pleased to announce that eight new volumes of Studies in Avian Biology are now in print or will be published in 2012. The series is currently published as books by the University of California Press, and forthcoming volumes (vol. 38-45) can be purchased in a hard cover edition or as a digital book for an e-book reader or other electronic device. Visit the publisher’s website to learn more about the exciting new volumes in the Studies in Avian Biology series:

  • No. 38. Knick, S.T., and J.W. Connelly, eds. 2011. Greater Sage-Grouse: ecology and conservation of a landscape species and its habitats, ISBN: 9780520267114.
  • No. 39. Sandercock, B.K., K. Martin, and G. Segelbacher, eds. 2011. Ecology, conservation, and management of grouse, ISBN: 9780520270060.
  • No. 40. Forsman, E.D. and coauthors. 2011. Population demography of Northern Spotted Owls, ISBN: 9780520270084.
  • No. 41. Wells, J.V., editor. 2011. Boreal birds of North America: a hemispheric view of their conservation links and significance, ISBN: 9780520271005.
  • No. 42. Paul, E., ed. 2012. Emerging avian disease, ISBN: 9780520272378.
  • No. 43. Ribic, C.A., F. R. Thompson III, and P.J. Pietz, eds. 2012. Video surveillance of nesting birds, in press.
  • No. 44. Bart, J.R. and V.H. Johnston, eds. 2012. Arctic shorebirds in North America: a decade of monitoring, in press.
  • No. 45. Lepczyk, C.A., and P.S. Warren. 2012. Urban bird ecology and conservation, in press.

Earlier volumes are available at the Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (vol. 1-25), and recent volumes can be purchased from Buteo Books (vol. 26-37).

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