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Bird bling contributes to waterfowl management

Cara J

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With a cobalt blue, cloud-filled sky overhead, Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office Biologist Vincent Griego set out on a 30-minute bumpy ride through the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada — just outside of Saskatoon. Surrounded by green and brown fields of barley and canola, with the distinct earthy smell of wetlands and a choir of sandhill cranes overhead, Griego and three United States Fish and Wildlife Service colleagues representing regions throughout the country made the trek to this remote location for the Service’s annual duck-banding event. The Western Canada Cooperative Waterfowl Banding Program is a long-term, large-scale banding program. This joint effort involves the Service, Canadian Wildlife Service, state and provincial wildlife management agencies, Flyway Councils, First Nations, and non-governmental waterfowl advocacy and research organizations.  Commencing in the early 1950s, the program is critical to successful wildlife management. “This program is important to give our best estimates of the status of migratory waterfowl and it ensures that the ducks can be sustainable in the future,” said Griego.  “It helps to establish hunting regulations, so that way these species can maintain their populations.  It provides opportunities for people like me to hunt, or to take photos, or to appreciate the wild.” Biologists [...]


Read more: http://wildlife.org/bird-bling-contributes-to-waterfowl-management/

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