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Biological and Ecological Sciences Coalition (BESC) Congressional Visits Day

Fern Davies

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NOTE: IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE, PLEASE ALSO CONTACT THE ORNITHOLOGICAL COUNCIL. We will help you to prepare for your visit and will accompany you on the visit.



Meet with your members of Congress about science

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Scientists and graduate students who are interested in communicating the importance of federal investments in scientific research and education to lawmakers are invited to participate in the Biological and Ecological Sciences Coalition (BESC) Congressional Visits Day in Washington, DC.


This event is an opportunity for scientists to meet with their members of Congress to discuss the importance of federal funding for biological research and education. Event participants advocate for federal investments in biological sciences research, with a primary focus on the National Science Foundation, as well as other federal agencies.


BESC is co-chaired by the American Institute of Biological Sciences and the Ecological Society of America.


This year’s event will be held on April 25-26, 2017 in Washington, DC. The first day of the program is a training program that will prepare participants for meetings with congressional offices. The second day is spent on Capitol Hill meeting with members of Congress and their staff.


There is no cost to participate in this event, but space is limited. BESC and its member organizations are not able to pay/reimburse participants for their travel expenses.


Learn more about the event and express your interest in participating at http://www.aibs.org/public-policy/congressional_visits_day.html. The deadline to sign up is March 1, 2017.


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