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Mewaldt-King Student Research Award

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Note: the application deadline for the Mewaldt-King Student Research Award has been pushed back to January 27, 2017. See the new webpage for further information: http://www.americanornithology.org/content/aos-student-and-postdoctoral-research-awards.


The 25th annual Mewaldt-King Student Research Awards will be announced by the newly merged American Ornithological Society at the 2017 North American Ornithological Congress in East Lansing, MI. These $1,000-$2,000 awards are designated in the memory of L. Richard Mewaldt and James R. King to support Master's and Ph.D.-level research that relates to the conservation of birds. Research may be in any area of ornithology, but studies that involve demographics, breeding biology, or disease ecology may be particularly relevant, especially if the species is endangered, threatened, or otherwise of management concern. Studies of species from threatened ecosystems (e.g. old growth forest, wetlands) or with reference to large-scale conservation issues such as climate or landscape change are also of particular interest. Applications due January 15, 2017.

To Apply:
For further information and instructions please visit: http://www.americanornithology.org/content/cos-mewaldt-king-award-eligibility-and-guidelines. Applications should be written in English, the cover page is not included in the 6 page limit for the proposal, and applications must include a reference letter sent by the applicant's major professor.

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