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Coming soon: new Field Guide to the Birds of Venezuela (pre-order now)

Fern Davies

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After almost a decade of work we can (finally!) announce that the Field Guide to the Birds of Venezuela is available in pre-order in two websites, Amazon and Blomsbury.







In this publication we are including not only country maps (vegetation, elevation, national parks and political distribution) but also maps of the tepuis and the Caribbean islands of Venezuela.  The introductory chapters cover aspects of taxonomy, habitats, geography, climate and major regions.


In the species account we have included a concise text highlighting all the knows subspecies and provides information such as size, elevational range, relative abundance, key plumage aspects, habitat, voice and similar species. When relevant, a taxonomic note is provided. The account ends with capital letters highlighting the distribution of the species in neighboring countries. To describe the vocalizations we have prepared a phonetic alphabet where each character has only one possible sound. At the end, the publication provides a list of hypothetical species, a list of endemic species and a checklist to the birds of Venezuela. For raptors in flight, master plates are presented with illustrations of all the species in flight.


Facing the text are the illustrations of the species and, when two or more subspecies have variable plumage, these are illustrated. Each text is accompanied by a distribution map highlighting the species seasonality in colors.


The field guide is expected to be launched in April 25, 2017. We´re now working with a website that will accompany this field guide. The aim is to provide further distribution information, vocalizations used in the descriptions, taxonomic notes and corrections, this way providing the user with updated information.


We´re now working with the Spanish edition and hope to provide further information in the next year.


With our best,


David Ascanio

Gustavo Rodriguez

Robin Restall


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