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TwGeos - preprocessLight, step 4 is freezing after a lot of edits

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I'm cleaning up my twilights and the 4th step in "preprocessLight" has frozen on me a couple times after about 30-40 minutes of work. It does save up to that point though. According to the help file I can update a previous call. It is not clear to me how to run this though. 


Info from help file: 

The results of a previous call of \code{preprocessLight} can be updated by providing the dataframe generated by the previous call as the \code{twilights} argument, and using the \code{stage} argument to determine to point from which to restart the process.


Are there examples of how to run this?


Thank you. :) 

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Sorry you haven't gotten any answers. Maybe it's because you have a problem that is hard to replicate. Is there a way to make it happen without 30-40 minutes of work? Can you confirm that it freezes with no error message?

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