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USFWS to hold public webinars regarding proposed experimental removal of Barred Owls for Northern Spotted Owl conservation

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Announcement of Public Webinars


Proposed Experimental Removal of Barred Owls for the Conservation of the Northern Spotted Owl


Hosted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


On March 8, 2012, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for public review on the proposed experimental removal of barred owls in select study areas within the range of the northern spotted owl. The purpose of the studies is to assess of the potential negative effects of barred owls on the conservation and recovery of the threatened northern spotted owl, and evaluate the impacts, feasibility, and cost of doing such removal.


To aid the public in understanding this proposal, and facilitate public participation in review of the Draft EIS, we will host internet-based public webinars on the project on four different dates and times prior to the close of the public comment period, all Pacific Daylight Time.


Wednesday May 16 10 am to noon

Tuesday May 22 1 to 3 pm

Tuesday May 22 6 to 8 pm

Tuesday May 29 10 am to noon


The webinar include a summary of the Draft EIS, including the purpose of the project, the alternatives being considered, the study areas proposed under each alternative, and the anticipated costs and environmental effects of each alternative. Following the presentation, participants will be provided an opportunity to ask questions and request clarification on the project or the analysis of effects, or any other aspect of the proposed action.


We intend the webinars to provide an opportunity for participants to better understand the project. We will not be recording the webinar, and cannot take comments during the session; any questions or statements during the webinar will not be part of the public comment. You will need to provide written comments through methods described on the webpage. Our intent here is to help you understand the project, so that your written comments are as effective as possible.


In addition to these webinars, we will offer a question and answer session on Thursday, May 31, from 10 am until noon. This session will not include the presentation, but will allow you to ask any clarifying questions to help you development your written comments prior to the June 6, 2012, closing date.


If you would like to join us, please follow the instructions below to install the necessary software for your participation.



Instructions Prior to Joining the Webinar:


We will be using the software WebEx for the webinars. To join us you will need to:

Call on a phone for the audio portion, and

Access a website so you can watch a PowerPoint presentation.


For you to join the powerpoint presentation, you will need to load WebEx drivers (instructions follow). This will take only a few minutes, but please do so at least two hours before the call.


To install software, please click on the following link:

Download Meeting Manager Installer for Internet Explorer (9.33Mb download)

1. You will be asked if you want to save or run vnc.webex.com – click run

2. You will then be asked if you want to run the WebEx software –click run to start the installation process.

3. Click on next, accept the license agreement – click next again

4. Make sure the complete version is indicated – click next

5. There will be a question on what folder to download to – click on next

6. The program will give you one more chance to change anything or exit, if you click next, the program will install

7. When the load is finished, click finish to complete.

Users of MACs without Internet Explorer Options, please try this link to access the WEBEX http://www.webex.com/lp/jointest/




For audio participation: Please use the following (note that you must use this audio conference bridge to hear the presentation or ask questions).

DIAL-IN 877-934-2812



To participate in the video portion of the meeting (WebEx), perform the following steps:


1. Click on the following link:


The meeting number and passcode should be auto filled, but if not use the information:

Meeting Number: 744436228

Meeting Passcode: FISH


2. Enter the required fields. (if you do not want to share this information, you may enter none for email and if you don’t represent anyone, you may enter none for company).

First name

Last name




3. Indicate that you have read the Privacy Policy, and then click on Proceed. (There are a couple of layers here.)

Click on click here to proceed

Click Run on the application box

Wait a moment, the computer will go through a few pages (you don’t need to do anything), and then join you to the meeting

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