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Careers in Ornithology. Jobs with NGO's and Gov't. Info from NAOC.

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Thank you to all who attended the panel discussions on Careers in Ornithology at the recent NAOC meeting in Washington D.C.


The discussion was broken into two parts: Careers with NGOS and Careers with government agencies. Over the next few days, I'll be posting notes from the discussion. In the meantime, however, here is the contact information for our panelists.



Marissa Ahlering, The Nature Conservancy (mahlering@tnc.org)

Laurie J. Goodrich, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (goodrich@hawkmountain.org)

Steven Latta, The National Aviary (steven.latta@aviary.org)

John Lloyd, Vermont Center for Ecostudies (jlloyd@vtecostudies.org)

Mike Parr, American Bird Conservancy (mparr@abcbirds.org)

Stuart Mackenzie, Bird Studies Canada (smackenzie@bsc-eoc.org)

Erin Strasser. Bird Conservancy of the Rockies (erin.strasser@birdconservancy.org)

Ted Cheskey, Nature Canada (TCheskey@naturecanada.ca)



Joelle Gehring, Federal Communications Commission (Joelle.Gehring@fcc.gov)

Charles van Riper III, United States Geological Survey (charles_van_riper@usgs.gov)

Gwen Brewer, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (gwenda.brewer@maryland.gov)
Karl Miller, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (karl.miller@myfwc.com)

Junior Tremblay, Environment Canada (junior.tremblay@canada.ca)

Ariel Kay, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (ariel.kay@boem.gov)

Laura Phillips, National Park Service (laura_phillips@nps.gov)


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