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North Carolina is for the birds!

Cara J

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Regardless of whether you are an expert birder or just a backyard bird watcher, North Carolina is a must-visit destination state when it comes to feathered fauna. Few others can boast the species richness found here during the course of the year. Over 460 species have been documented to-date with over half that number found breeding here. With the many diverse habitats from the mountains to the coast, there is an impressive array of avian species to be found in any season. But some would say that fall is the perfect time to grab your binoculars and check out a few of the numerous hotspots across the state. Here is a preview of what to look forward to during the 2016 Annual Conference in October. Hermit Thrush ©Michael McCloy North Carolina has many major migratory “highways” running north to south that provide ample birding opportunities. Hawkwatching along the Blue Ridge Mountains is possible at several locations including the Big Bald Banding Station in Mars Hill or at Grandfather Mountain. Thousands of hawks, falcons and even eagles ride the thermals daily. In addition to breath-taking views, enjoy a myriad of songbirds — even hummingbirds, that stream southward, especially after strong cold [...]


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