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New APHIS inspection guide

Fern Davies

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Those of you who study birds in captivity** OR who are on IACUCs will want to know that APHIS has posted a new inspection guide:




It takes effect on 6 April 2012.


Knowing what the inspectors are looking for will help you to prepare for a successful inspection. You should also note the procedures for filing appeals of adverse inspection reports.


** For many years, the Animal Welfare Act regulations did not cover rats, mice, and birds. That changed about two years ago, when the regulation was changed to include "rats of the genus Rattus,

mice of the genus Mus, and birds, other than those bred for use in research."




Specific requirements for birds held in captivity have not yet been published and the rule has not yet been implemented (due primarily to resource limitations at APHIS; see http://ornithologyex...-birds-delayed/ for more info). However, it will be implemented eventually and probably by the end of 2012.


Meanwhile, if your institution receives funding from the Public Health Service (NIH), birds always have been covered, so it is worthwhile to review the inspection guide before your bird rooms are inspected.

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