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Poster design for scientists

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SciFund Challenge is very excited to announce a new class: mastering the
art of conference poster design! In this class, you’ll learn basic
design principles, communication skills, and how to use professional-
grade graphics software. And yes, you will make a conference poster!

Putting together compelling posters is an essential job skill for
academics. At a time when succeeding in academia is tougher than ever,
standing out from the crowd with your conference poster is key.
Unfortunately, very few academics receive any training on how to put
together a compelling poster that will actually make your colleagues pay

That’s where SciFund Challenge comes in with our online class in
effective poster design. Over five weeks, you’ll learn the basics of
graphic design. Even better, you’ll be putting your new design learning
to work from the start: at the end of the class, you’ll have a poster of
your research ready to go.

The class runs from June 19-July 23, 2016. Registration ends on June
17th, but our classes usually fill to capacity before the end of
registration (meaning: please don't dawdle if you are interested). To
learn more about the class and to register for it, please see the
following: https://scifundchallenge.org/?s=poster

Take care,
Jai Ranganathan
SciFund Challenge



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