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Abstract submission deadline extended to May 15

Fern Davies

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Top 10 Reasons for Missing the NAOC 2016 Abstract Deadline…

10. My bird ate my abstract.

9. I thought the early-bird conference registration deadline (May 27) was the abstract submission deadline.

NAOC 2016 Response: Deadlines have been extended. NEW and/or incomplete abstracts can be submitted until 11:59 PM EDT SUNDAY, MAY 15.


8. No matter how many times I copy and paste my 250-word abstract, the system is saying it’s 600-words!

NAOC 2016 Response: Don’t copy and paste from Word. Copy and paste from a text editor and remove all formatting.


7. I keep entering my “conference registration number” on the abstract login page where it’s asking for my “access key” and it doesn’t recognize my email, etc.  

NAOC 2016 Response: These are two different things. Once you’ve “joined” the abstract system for the first time, it will generate your “access key.” You only need your “confirmation number" when it’s time to complete your abstract submission and it asks you for the confirmation number to waive the $20 submission fee.


6. I never finalized my abstract submission and now the deadline has passed.

NAOC 2016 Response: We’ve extended the deadline for all incomplete abstracts until 11:59 PM EDT SUNDAY, MAY 15.


5. I won’t be notified about my abstract until after the early-bird registration deadline has passed.

NAOC 2016 Response: Early-bird conference registration rates will be extended for all accepted abstract presenters!


4. I never submitted an abstract in the first place. Guess I missed my chance.

NAOC 2016 Response: NEW abstracts will be accepted until 11:59 PM EDT SUNDAY, MAY 15.


3. The system is giving me attitude and I just can’t take it.

NAOC 2016 Response: Lori is happy to help you if you have any issues, but unlike an owl, she sleeps at night, so try emailing her during the day at lori@naoc2016.com.


2. This whole abstract submission process just takes too long.

NAOC 2016 Response: Read the PDF Guide to Submitting Your Abstract first, and you’ll complete your submission in no time.


1. I just had no idea that NAOC 2016 was approaching and I never knew about these deadlines.

NAOC 2016 Response: Follow us on social media… we’re pretty awesome at reminding everyone about important dates and deadlines.

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