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Int'l Ornithological Congress 2014: invitation, call for symposia, plenary speakers

Fern Davies

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The 26th International Ornithological Congress will be held in Tokyo, Japan, 18-24 August 2014. The Scientific Program Committee has been formed, and a web page is in place, which we hope you will visit. Please circle these dates on your calendar and plan to attend!




The Scientific Program Committee (SPC) is soliciting nominations for plenary speakers and symposium proposals for the 2014 IOC.


Attached please find two files for calls for plenaries and symposia.





Invitation to 26th International Ornithological Congress

18th to 24th August 2014, Tokyo, Japan



We would like to invite all ornithologist in the world to 2014 International Ornithological Congress (IOC), Japan. It will only be the second Congress held in Asia. Recently, in Asian countries, interests in ornithology are increasing for conservation and academic research. The 26th International Ornithological Congress in Japan in 2014 will bring wonderful opportunities for deligates to access beautiful nature of Japan and surrounding areas, and will aid rapid progress in ornithology not only in Japan but throughout Asia.

A message from Japan for the success of IOC 2014


1 March, 2012

Dear colleagues,



One year has passed since the devastating earthquake in the Tohoku region on March 11. On behalf of Japanese ornithologists, I would like to thank all of you for offering sympathy, encouragement and support after the disaster. Although we were completely devastated by the unprecedented scale of the damage caused by the earthquake and Tsunami, we deeply appreciate that people across the world care about us very much, which has given us great hope for recovery in the future. I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude. We are continuing to do our utmost to repay the kindness of our friends overseas by getting things back to normal as soon as we can.

What has made the damage by the earthquake even worse is that it also caused accidents at nuclear power plants in Fukushima. This could have caused tremendous damage, not only to Japan but also the rest of the world. Fortunately, the damage has been kept to a minimum level thanks to the courageous efforts by those concerned. Recriticality within nuclear reactors has been vanishingly improbable because their control rod still works and all reactors have been already cooled down sufficiently. As some of the expended nuclear fuel was aired out, relatively more lightweight radioactive materials have been already diffused enough. However, since the recriticality accident is not a possibility, amount of radiation won’t get higher any longer.

Areas outside the Fukushima region did not suffer any damage from the earthquake and radioactive materials. The venue of IOC2014, Rikkyo University, is more than two hundred kilometers away from Fukushima, where the nuclear plants accidents happened. Therefore there is no reason for concern about possible damage caused by radioactivity. I would like to assure you that Tokyo is a perfectly safe place to stay, so please do not worry about the radioactivity.

It is true that the earthquake and Tsunami has destroyed many towns and caused many human casualties. People in Japan are trying hard not to be devastated by this daunting fact. I believe that what we can do for the victims of the earthquake at this moment is to mourn, pray, and sincerely do the task right in front of each of us to the final recovery from the disaster. For us, it is to invite all of you to the IOC 2014 and conduct it successfully.

I really look forward to enjoying IOC with all of you in Tokyo in August 2014.



Prof. Keisuke Ueda

Congress Convener

IOC 2014

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