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Summers schools in Geo-Data Processing

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Apologies for cross-posting:

We are pleased to announce: *R**egistration open now for two Summer Schools*
organized by www.spatial-ecology.net held at the University of Basilicata,
Matera, Italy:

*- Spatio-Temporal Data Analyses Using Free and Open Source Software
June 2016)*

*An immersion 5 day experience opening new horizons on the use of the vast
potentials of the Linux environment and the command line approach to
process data using Bash, AWK, Python, GRASS, QGIS, GDAL/OGR, R, PKtools,
Openforis. **We will guide newbies who have never used a command line
terminal to a stage which will allow them to understand and use very
advanced open source data processing routines. Our focus is to enhance the
approach of self-learning allowing participants to keep on progressing and
updating their skills in a continuously evolving technological environment.*


*- Hands-on Open Source Drone Mapping and High Performance Computing for
Big Geo-Data **(13th-17th June 2016)*

*Another 5 day immersion experience on advanced data processing using high
performance computers (HPC) and emerging technologies such as drone
mapping, rasdaman (Fastest Array Database on Earth) and cloud computing. We
provide a walk-through journey from the introduction of Linux operating
system and different open source software (Python, GRASS, GDAL/OGR, R,
PKtools, Openforis) to capturing data out in the field using an Unmanned
Aerial Vehicle, to complex image processing and data analyses. We focus on
how maximising computation performance using multicore on single computer,
switching to distributed clusters of computers (using grid engine
scheduler) and ultimately data analytics with cutting edge rasdaman
software (Big Data Analytics Server).*

More information and registrations:


http://www.spatial-ecology.net/upcoming-events>> see events

Giuseppe Amatulli, Ph.D.

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University.
Jetz Lab, OML Room 405

P.O. Box 208106
New Haven, CT 06520-8106
Teaching: spatial-ecology.net
Work: http://sbsc.yale.edu/giuseppe-amatulli

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