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Meeting: 2nd World Seabird Twitter Conference

Melanie Colón

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Meeting Description:

*Do you study seabirds? **Are you on Twitter? *


*Here's your chance to tell world about your seabird research. *Twitter can

be a great place to communicate your research to a broader audience. The

first World Seabird Twitter Conference (#WSTC1

https://twitter.com/...STC1&src=typd>)featured 42 presenters

from all 7 continents, 206 more people engaged in the conversation,

reaching 2200 tweets and a total audience of 330,305 people. Each presenter

distilled their research into 6 tweets, which were presented during a 15

minute window. Last year this generated 206 conversations - people asking

questions and getting answers in real time. If you want to see the

presentations from the 1st World Seabird Twitter Conference *click here*.



*It was such a success, we're holding the 2nd World Seabird Twitter

Conference (#WSTC2

https://twitter.com/...STC2&src=typd>)on April 13-15th. *




The abstract deadline is 21 March 2016. *To submit an abstract, click here



and FAQ available here


Registration is free – just look up the hashtag #WSCT2 on April 13-15 on

Twitter to follow the conversation.


This year *we are inviting seabird organizations to submit an abstract as

well.* If selected your organization would have an opportunity to tell the

twittersphere about your organization. This could be a chance to tell the

broader community about your mission, achievements, publications or

conferences - it's up to you! Who knows - by participating you may even

attract new members.




The 2nd World Seabird Twitter Conference Organizing Committee


Stephanie Avery-Gomm @saverygo https://twitter.com/@saverygo>



Sjúrður Hammer @sjurdur https://twitter.com/...jurdur?lang=en>


Stephanie Borrelle @PetrelStation https://twitter.com/PetrelStation>


Danielle Fife @Danielle_T_Fife https://twitter.com/...anielle_T_Fife>


Katherine Keogan @KatharineKeogan https://twitter.com/...atharineKeogan>


Alex Bond @thelabandfield https://twitter.com/...thelabandfield>


Max Czapanskiy @mfczap https://twitter.com/@mfczap>


Helen Wade @Helen_Wade_ https://twitter.com/@Helen_Wade_>


P.S. We would also greatly appreciate if you could help us spread the word

about this conference.


*Stephanie Avery-Gomm, M.Sc. | Ph.D. Candidate*

*ARC Centre for Excellence in Environmental Decisions*


*Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, School of Biological


*The University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, 4072, Australia*

P: +61 4 1577 3483 | Skype: saverygomm | Twitter: @saverygo


Meeting Website: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23WSTC1&src=typd


Click here to view the meeting

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