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Herons of the World Charity Fundraiser

Chris Custer

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In 2016, we will hold our 40th annual meeting in North Carolina, and will be hosting the first ever symposium and workshop on the Biology and Conservation of Herons of the World. We would like to bring in a limited number of selected authorities from Africa, Asia, and South America to represent topics and issues that we do not broadly discuss in North America and Europe. Unfortunately, most waterbird researchers in those areas cannot afford to travel to the U.S. without significant financial assistance.

As a non-profit organization, we have a tight and limited budget, but we would very much appreciate the opportunity to bring these scientists and managers from other parts of the world to our meeting. We will be thankful for all donations! Note: In the U.S., such donations are tax deductible!

For questions or information regarding the symposium, contact Chip Weseloh at Chip.weseloh@ec.gc.ca.

GoFundMe campaign

If you wish to donate, please visit the GoFundMe campaign to provide support to this important project.

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