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International Research Experiences for Students

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University of Florida: As part of a National Science Foundation’s IRES (International Research Experiences for Students) program, we are looking for 5 students to participate in a wildlife research program in Swaziland, Africa, from mid-May to the end of July. Student will be a part of a study abroad program and then undertake individual research projects to test hypotheses regarding how land-use change and agricultural intensification influence wildlife biodiversity and ecosystem services. See our website for details. This is a competitive program, and students will receive 1) plane fare, 2) fully-funded 3 week study abroad course, 3) a 6-week paid internship, 4) food and accommodation. There will be 3 cohorts (2016-2018) of 5 students selected each year. The program is limited juniors and seniors from the U.S. who are enrolled in school and who have taken at least 3 credits of general ecology. Interested students should apply on our website http://uf-ires.com with the following materials as one PDF file before December 1, 2015: 1) An essay detailing why this international experience in Swaziland will be beneficial to their academic and career goals. 2) A curriculum vitae. 3) A copy of academic transcripts. 4) A letter from an academic mentor. Posted: 10/12/15.

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