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Hi Everyone,


Is there a forum/website/etc where people are selling or donating their used bird-related field equipment (e.g. mist-nets, poles, banding pliers, etc.)?  I have bought a lot of equipment out-of-pocket over the years, but I'm faced with a larger purchase of equipment for the upcoming field season.  I think a lot of people can relate to this problem after using their PhD lab's equipment for many years and then moving on to a non-bird lab for their post doc or starting their own research program.


My colleague Kiyoko and I are attempting to crowdfund to cover some equipment costs (https://www.instrumentl.com/campaigns/urbanization-and-galapagos-birds/) but most of the money raised will probably just cover travel.  


Thanks for any insight!


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There is now! Welcome to OE Marketplace!


Hint - unless you are in the habit of checking OE regularly, if you post something and want to know if someone has responded, click on "follow this forum." If you do, the system will send you e-mails to let you know if there have been replies. You can always stop receiving the e-mails by clicking "unfollow this forum." 


And if you want to contact someone who has posted something, you can reply to their post OR contact them directly by clicking on their name and then sending a private message. Or you can do both. 

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