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Fifteen Most At-Risk Species Have Low Survival Chance

Cara J

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Two Mexican rodent species as well as a number of birds and frogs rate among the 15 animal species with the lowest chance for survival in the world. A new study found that a subset of around 841 highly threatened species around the world could spared from extinction for around $1.3 billion a year. But the 15 species most at risk among these animals have a very low chance of survival even if conservation is improved. The Amsterdam albatross only lives on the extremely remote Amsterdam Island in the southern Indian Ocean. It is among 15 species most at risk according to a new study.Image Credit: Vincent Legendre “Although the cost seems high, safeguarding these species is essential if we want to reduce the extinction rate by 2020,” said Hugh Possingham from The University of Queensland and coauthor of the study in Current Biology, in a release. “When compared to global government spending on other sectors — [for example] U.S. defense spending, which is more than 500 times greater — an investment in protecting high biodiversity value sites is minor.” These 841 animal species are the ones listed by The Alliance for Zero Extinction. These animals are confined to single [...]


Read more: http://wildlife.org/fifteen-most-at-risk-species-have-low-survival-chance/

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