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Choosing which bird to save – Adrian Skerrett pleads the case for Yellow Bittern in Seychelles

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The Yellow Bitterns are found on three islands, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue in the Seychelles archipelago (C Edwards)
(Seychelles News Agency) - Adrian Skerrett is British businessman, author and conservationist who was born in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, and came to Seychelles to live when he was 27 years old in 1980 and has been a resident ever since, becoming a national of the Indian Ocean nation in 1994.
He has dedicated much of his life to the study and protection of birds. As a passionate ornithologist Skerret was one of the founders of the Seychelles Birds Records Committee in 1992, and became the Seychelles representative for the African Bird Club in 1998, chairman of the Islands Conservation Society in 2001, and the Seychelles representative of the Royal Naval Bird Watching Society. He also co-authored the book ‘Birds of Seychelles’ (2001,2011 editions).
So when in February this year, Skerrett wrote an article titled ‘The next extinction in Seychelles?’ which appeared in the local daily newspaper Seychelles Nation, he raised an alarm within the conservation community about the fate of the Yellow Bittern, a shy small bird species with a pale beige plumage  found breeding in the Seychelles that is also found in many countries of Asia and islands of the eastern Indian Ocean. 
- See more at: http://www.seychellesnewsagency.com/articles/2354/Choosing+which+bird+to+save++Adrian+Skerrett+pleads+the+case+for+Yellow+Bittern+in+Seychelles#sthash.e0PnmCgW.dpuf
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