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Western Hummingbird Partnership small grants program

Melanie Colón

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The Western Hummingbird Partnership (WHP) is accepting proposals as part of its small grants program. WHP works to build an effective and sustainable hummingbird conservation program through research, monitoring, habitat restoration and enhancement, and education. WHP has limited funding, with most projects in the $1,000 - $5,000 range, for activities that will benefit knowledge of hummingbird populations and their conservation and public awareness of hummingbirds, especially migratory species with ranges in western Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Applicants should use the template provided at the link below to submit a brief proposal of no more than 2 pages (not including references, tables or figures) that details the project purpose, description, methods, partners, plus a budget (including any leveraged or matching funds). For details about preparing a proposal, please visit: http://www.westernhummingbird.org/about-us/grants>http://www.westernhummingbird.org/about-us/grants Questions? Contact Susan Bonfield at sbbonfield@gmail.com

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