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Melanie Colón

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Funding Opportunity Number: G15AS00033
Opportunity Category: Discretionary
Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity: Science and Technology and other Research and Development
CFDA Number: 15.808
Eligible Applicants Others (see text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility" for clarification)
Agency Name: DOI-USGS1
Closing Date: Mar 03, 2015
Award Ceiling: $0
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Creation Date: Feb 09, 2015
Funding Opportunity Description: The USGS is offering a funding opportunity to a CESU partner for research in eradication of argentine ants from San Clemente Island (SCI) and implement a monitoring program to detect future infestations for bio-security. There are thirteen known ant species on SCI, including the non-native Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) and twelve native ant species, four of which are Channel Island endemics (Holway & Ward 2011). Argentine ants are an extremely invasive ant species that has spread worldwide resulting in detrimental ecological impacts. This invasive species alters biological communities by negatively affecting native ant populations, other invertebrates, plants and pollinators, terrestrial vertebrates and birds. Argentine ants can cause avian nest failure either directly by predation of nestlings or indirectly by reducing arthropod abundance in foraging areas. SCI supports three federally listed bird species, a listed lizard, and numerous endemic species; eradication of Argentine ants may be critical to recovery and delisting of threatened or endangered species at SCI.


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