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**Abstracts due Feb 1** BES Symposium "Demography Beyond the Population"

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The abstract and early registration deadlines are fast approaching for the BES Symposium

"Demography Beyond the Population" to be held in Sheffield, UK March 24-26, 2015.

Preceding workshops will be offered on March 23.


*Abstracts Due* - February 1

*Early Registration Closes* - February 15




*Space is limited* so we strongly advise registering as soon as possible.


The symposium and preceding workshops aim to highlight the emerging role of demographic

tools as bridges across ecological, spatial, and temporal scales. Specific themes include

evolutionary demography, environmental and physiological drivers of population dynamics,

communities and coexistence, species ranges and spread, conservation and global change, and

methodological advances.


This is a fantastic opportunity to engage with leading researchers in a relatively small

and focused setting. The symposium will be held at historic Cutlers' Hall in Sheffield

with daily lunch and catering included.


*Preceding Workshops* offered on March 23:

--"Advanced applications of matrix population models: age-x-stage (and related) demographic

models" -Hal Caswell

--"Integral projection models (IPMs) in population ecology and evolutionary biology" -

IPMpack Team

--"Demographic, equilibrium and evolutionary analysis of structured population models with

continuous development: a general methodology and software package" -André M. de Roos

--"Bayesian Survival Trajectory Analysis in R using BaSTA" -Fernando Colchero and Owen



Organizers: Alden Griffith (agriffit@wellesley.edu), Rob Salguero-Gómez, Cory Merow, Sean

McMahon, Jessica Metcalf, Dylan Childs.



Yvonne Buckley

Hal Caswell

Elizabeth Crone

Johan Ehrlén

Stephen Ellner

Jordan Golubov

Alden Griffith

Dave Hodgson

Eelke Jongejans

Sean McMahon

Cory Merow

Jessica Metcalf

Maria del Carmen Mendujano

Drew Purves

Mark Rees

Rob Salguero-Gómez

Frank Schurr

Shripad Tuljapukar

Maria Uriarte


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