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2015 University of Wyoming National Park Service Small Grant RFP

Chris Merkord

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Each year the University of Wyoming National Park Service Research Station awards numerous small grants for research in the Greater Yellowstone Area.  The grants (up to $5,000) are designed for a summer research investigation in the Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone NP or the broader Greater Yellowstone Area.  Research areas funded have been diverse, including topics from A(rt history) to Z(oology).  The grants are prefect for a graduates student.  This year's suggested areas include indentifying geologic hazards, glacier monitoring, documentation of cemeteries within the park and ecology, just to name a few.  And then there is that landscape at the station, with the Tetons across the lake and fellow researchers on site.

Perhaps research in the Greater Yellowstone Area is on your future for 2015?
If you have questions please contact Celeste Havener or check out the website http://www/uwyo.edu/uwnps

Celeste Havener
UW NPS Research Center

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