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CIEE Tropical Ecology & Conservation, Undergrad Semester Programs

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Hello all:


Please pass this along to any motivated undergraduates or their advisors. This is an unbelievable,

life-changing experience that I am proud to have been a part of for over 20 years.





Director, Tropical Ecology & Conservation


Apartado 26-5655

Monteverde, Costa Rica

email amasters@ciee.org

tel +011.506.2645.5187

cel +011.506.8391.7160

Skype monteverdeman

web ciee.org/study-abroad/costa-rica/monteverde/



CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) is accepting applicants to its Spring 2015

semester Tropical Ecology & Conservation and Sustainability and the Environment programs in

Costa Rica. These programs are based in Monteverde and take full advantage of its internationally

renowned Cloud Forest. In addition, both programs travel extensively throughout Costa Rica.


Tropical Ecology & Conservation - explores tropical diversity at both the species and ecosystem

levels. This program offers 15 weeks of field study, including taxonomy, theory and

experimentation. There is extensive travel throughout Costa Rica from lowland rainforests, dry

forest, highland forests and paramo, mangroves, beaches and coral reef. A unique feature is one

month devoted to data collection for an independent project conceived and executed by the

student. Research is advised by expert staff and includes a proposal, one month of data collection,

data analysis, two submissions of a manuscript and a symposium presentation. Spanish language

at nine levels (including beginner) and a month long home stay with a Costa Rican family round

out the experience. Ideal for Biology, Ecology and related majors.


Sustainability and the Environment - explores human impact on the natural world through hands-

on exposure and experience. This program offers 15 weeks of field study and visits different

projects, from government to village. Themes stressed include food production, water, energy,

timber, ecotourism, carbon, biodiversity conservation and many others. Travel is all over Costa

Rica, from the greater metropolitan area around the capital to remote indigenous villages in the

Talamanca mountains. Included is a trip to Nicaragua to explore rural villages near eco-touristic

projects. Each student has an internship that includes a project of their own design. Internships

are as individual as the students, but each includes a project proposal, a month of work and a

tangible product that in some way helps a local organization, family or individual reach for a more

sustainable future. Spanish language at nine levels (including beginner) and a three month home

stay with a local Costa Rican family connect sustainability to local culture and language. Ideal for

Environmental Science and Environmental Studies students.


Check out CIEE's website: http://www.ciee.org/study-abroad/costa-rica/monteverde/


Be sure to check out the blog link (on the website) to see images and read many testimonials from

past students. Both programs offer 17 semester credits. Financial aid is available.

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