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Northeast/Southeast Partners in Flight Bird Conservation Conference

Fern Davies

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Northeast/Southeast Partners in Flight Bird Conservation Conference

Call for Contributed Presentations and Posters


The Conference

The conference will be held 6-9 October 2014 in Virginia Beach, VA.  Conference details can be found at www.birdconservationconference.org as they develop.


We welcome presentations and content on all bird species. 


Call for Proposals Opens: June 30, 2014

Deadline for Proposals (please no exceptions): July 25, 2014 at midnight ET.

Notification of Accepted Presentations:  August 22, 2014

Required Submission of Registration by Presenters: September 5, 2014



We encourage submissions that address any of the many facets of successful bird conservation or those that present their work within a well-developed strategy for achieving conservation goals.  Submissions that address broader scales (e.g., State-, BCR-, regional-, or flyway-scale) will be given preference.  Submissions addressing all approaches to bird conservation are welcome, but we ask all presenters to define the conservation goal that their project addresses and explain how their project helps achieve that goal, whether it is through management, restoration, education and communication, research, monitoring, policy action, program development, etc.


Non-traditional presentations, posters, and organized sessions that focus on the planning-implementing-evaluating components of conservation, rather than the methods-results-conclusions components of a traditional research presentation, are encouraged. 


Submit a Presentation Proposal:

All presentation proposals (whether oral or poster) require a 350 word abstract, name and affiliation of authors.  As part of the abstract, each submission should define the conservation goal their project addresses and explain how their project assists in achieving that goal.  Submissions should also identify if they are part of an organized session (see below).

Oral presentations. Oral presentations will be presented during the last day of the conference, Oct 9.  We expect there to be at least 4 concurrent sessions at a time.  Oral presentation slots will be 15 minutes in length, with 5 additional minutes for questions.  We highly encourage those submitting oral presentations to collaborate with colleagues and submit an organized session proposal (see Organized Sessions below).  Preference will be given to oral presentations that contribute to cohesive, interdisciplinary, conservation-relevant sessions.

Poster presentations. Poster presentations have some advantages over oral presentations.  They give more people time to review your work and to interact with you than would an oral presentation.  A designated time slot for poster presentations (during the evening of Oct 8) will be provided during which there will be no other sessions.  Poster authors will be expected to be available for discussion during this time period.  Posters on similar topics will be grouped together to promote discussions among presenters with similar interests. 


Submit proposal for individual presentations here (http://www.birdconservationconference.org/call-for-presentations.html).

Organized Sessions:

In addition to regular individual proposal submissions we encourage diverse forms of communication addressing conservation concerns, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, and encouraging future collaborations. Individuals or groups who wish to organize a session of coordinated oral presentations, panel discussions, or skills-building sessions must make their proposal to the conference program committee.

Proposals for an Organized Session should include the session title, a description of its purpose and content and expected outcome (

Coordinated Oral Presentation Sessions:

Organized Sessions for coordinated oral presentations must maintain the conference format of 20 minutes per presenter (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions) and can be scheduled for either 1.5 or 2 hour time slots.  We encourage allowing 10-20 minutes at the end of coordinated oral presentation sessions for synthesis discussion among authors and audience as well as planning for future action or collaboration on the topic.

For coordinated oral presentation sessions, the proposal should include the name of the author(s), oral presentation titles, and email contacts for each presentation that is part of the session. The person submitting the proposed session abstract will be considered the session organizer (though they need not present a paper). Presenters of oral presentations within a coordinated session are also required to submit their abstracts separately at the submission link for individual presentations, but should note on their submission that the paper is part of a proposed coordinated session. 

Other Organized Sessions:

For Organized Sessions that use other formats (i.e. panel discussions, skill-building sessions), proposals should indicate the name(s), affiliation(s), and email(s) of the session organizer(s), anticipated participants, goals of the session, detailed description of the session format, justification of the need for the session format, and an outline of the names, affiliations, and contributions of any presenters. 

General Guidelines

Organizers of all types of Organized Sessions will be responsible for:

  1. being the primary point of contact with the conference program committee
  2. contacting the session participants to ensure they are registered for the meeting & will attend the session
  3. serving as the chair (or designating a person to chair) for each session.

To submit a proposal for an organized session here (http://www.birdconservationconference.org/call-for-organized-session.html).



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