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Avian & Reptile Diagnostic Endoscopy, December 2014

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Avian & Reptile Diagnostic Endoscopy
Saturday, December 6, 2014 - Sunday, December 7, 2014
UGA College of Veterinary Medicine
Athens, Georgia

One of the internationally acclaimed endoscopy training programs from the University of Georgia, this 15-hour continuing education course is designed to teach the theory and practical applications of diagnostic endoscopy in birds and reptiles.

Whether you are a private practitioner, zoo/aquarium/wildlife veterinarian, or researcher this course will train you to perform minimally-invasive endoscopic procedures including biopsy techniques. This is a basic- to intermediate-level course, and fundamental knowledge of avian and reptilian anatomy is assumed. You will be trained using PowerPoint lectures and video presentations on:

  • equipment choice and care
  • coelioscopy
  • gastro-intestinal and respiratory endoscopy of reptiles
  • coelioscopy
  • gastro-intestinal endoscopy and tracheoscopy of birds
  • biopsy and sampling techniques
  • endoscopy fee structure and practice management


This course will provide 15 CE hours. Full attendance is required to receive total CE credits. There will be nine hours of practical lab time in which you will be able to practice and develop your skills. Please bring scrubs for the lab portion.All procedures are approved by the UGA Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.


Refreshments, lunches, certificate of training, and course notes will be provided.

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