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Unique Training Opportunities in Adaptive Management, Ecological Statistics in R, and Research Techniques for Migratory Bi

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Title: “Unique Training Opportunities in Adaptive

Management, Ecological Statistics in R, and

Research Techniques for Migratory Birds”


Graduate/Professional Training - Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation


The Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation, a

partnership between George Mason University and

the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

(SCBI), is offering a full schedule of unique,

intensive residential training courses hosted in

our new, sustainably-built Academic Center on the

grounds of SCBI in Front Royal Virginia. Most

courses can be taken either for graduate credit

or continuing education units. Limited

scholarships are available for international

applicants and new reduced fees are now available

to applicants from less-developed nations. Visit

our website


or email us at


for more details about each course, course costs, and credits earned.



Management (must apply now to be considered)


June 16-20, 2014


This course is taught in partnership with

Foundations of Success (FOS). Working in teams on

a real conservation project, participants

practice conceptualizing projects, formulating

objectives and providing evidence of conservation

results. The course builds skills in designing

and planning effective projects that provide

clear evidence of conservation impact, and in use

of Miradi adaptive management software.



for Ecology and Conservation Biology


August 18-29, 2014


Gain in-depth knowledge of analysis techniques

for cutting-edge ecological research, employing

R: classical regression models; mixed models;

generalized linear models; generalized additive

models; how to deal with the limitations of real

datasets; and conservation-specific approaches.



and Conservation of Migratory Birds (new!)


September 1-12, 2014


Led by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center,

this course teaches the most current methods in

the research of migratory birds including

theoretical concepts, field and laboratory

methods (including mist-netting, banding, tissue

sampling, stable isotope geochemistry,

geolocators and radio telemetry), data analysis

(including mark-recapture statistics) and applied conservation strategies.


Additional Upcoming Courses:





Ecology, Geospatial Analysis and Remote Sensing

for Conservation (Sept. 15-26, 2014)



Conservation: Riparian Restoration (September 29 - October 3, 2014)




Climate Change: Gaining practical skills for

climate change adaptation (Oct. 20-31, 2014)




of Open Source GIS (November 17-21, 2014)­new course!

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