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Sevilleta Field Station summer ecology courses

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The Sevilleta Field Station will be offering two classes this summer,

Southwest Field Ecology and Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics, which are

described below. These courses can be taken for advance undergraduate or

graduate credit.




Note that the date for application for admissions to UNM for summer is May






Biology 419/519: Southwest Field Ecology (3 cr)


Dates and Locations: June 3-11 at the Sevilleta and Trail End Ranch Field



Description: This course will focus on the ecology near two field station

sites in New Mexico: the UNM Sevilleta Field Station in the middle Rio

Grande Valley, and the Albuquerque Academy Trail End Ranch Field Station in

the Gila Wilderness. During this intensive field course, students will

visit the major habitats and biomes of the middle and lower Rio Grande

Valley, learn to identify the predominant animal and plant species, observe

ecological roles and relationships and make connections between the local

abiotic factors that determine biotic structure. We will also cover topics

in data collection and complete a comparative analysis

of the ecology of the two Field Station sites.


Instructors: Rich Anderson (anderson@aa.edu or 828-3227), Terry Dunn (

tlawsondunn1@gmail.com or 821-8901)


Prerequisite: Consent of instructor (contact: anderson@aa.edu)


Course Fees: Tuition (approx. $800) plus $550 to cover lodging, food and



Undergraduates should enroll in Biology 419. Graduates should enroll in

Biology 519.



Biology 410/510: Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics (4 cr)


Dates and Location: July 14-19 at Sevilleta Field Field Station


Description: This course will combine hands-on laboratory and field

activities, lectures and computer exercises to explore modern genomic

approaches to the study of ecology and evolution. The course will take

place over six full days, Monday through Saturday. Topics to be covered

include acquisition of sequence data, modern metagenomic and transcriptomic

approaches to ecology, an introduction to computational biology, genome

evolution, and genomic approaches to evolutionary biology. We will also

visit field sites to discuss research associated with UNM’s Long-Term

Ecological Research Program at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.

Lectures and laboratory exercises will be conducted in the Sevilleta

Education and Research facility, a state of the art facility with beautiful

views of the Rio Grande valley and Los Pinos mountains.


Instructors: Don Natvig, Dan Colman, Miriam Hutchinson


Prerequisites: Consent of instructor (contact: dnatvig@gmail.com).


Course Fees: Tuition (approx. $1000) plus $255 to cover lodging and

transportation. Undergraduates

should enroll in Biology 410. Graduates should enroll in Biology 510.


For additional information, please contact Don Natvig (dnatvig@gmail.com or



Note for non-UNM students: Tuition for UNM summer classes is the same for

New Mexico residents and non-residents. The application for summer

admission is 1 May 2014. Admissions website:


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