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New company connects schools and scientists! Needs ornithologists to talk to kids!

Fern Davies

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I am founder of an education technology company, Nepris. We are an online virtual platform that connects industry professionals to the classroom to get more kids exposed to the real world to inspire them towards STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers.

Ednet article about Nepris http://bit.ly/1pFTcEz

1st grade classroom connecting to a soil scientist from the Soil Scientist Society of America


One of our 5th grade classroom is interested in talking with a Biologist/Ornithologist on Purple Martin Care and ecosystems in general.  This class is in Crosby, Texas mostly a rural area that lacks access to professionals like you. Another class is interested in talking about Learned Behaviors and Traits. These kids would be so excited to have an opportunity to talk with you.


All our connections are virtual so you can talk to the kids from your home or office. If interested please sign up and accept the teacher requests:

1. Sign up as industry expert at https://app.nepris.com/#signin

2. Check out the teacher requests at:
    https://app.nepris.com/#!sessions/view/26407    (Ecosystems - Purple Martin)
    https://app.nepris.com/#!sessions/view/26419     (Learned Behaviors and Traits)

3. Click "Accept" to notify teacher that you are interested.

If you have any questions please email me at sabari@nepris.com
We are currently working with 45+ companies and non-profit organizations including Samsung, General Motors, Perot Museum, Dallas Zoo etc....Hope you will considering participating.
Sabari Raja

Cell phone: 214 563 6300
Follow us on Twitter: @neprisapp
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Neprisapp
Sign up for our webinar: http://www.nepris.com/webinar/

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