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SUMMER ARCTIC FIELD COURSE "Field Studies in Arctic Ecosystems", August 7-19

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SUMMER ARCTIC FIELD COURSE "Field Studies in Arctic Ecosystems" will be offered on the coast of Hudson Bay from August 7-19 this year.

COURSE LOCATION: Fieldwork will be conducted within the largest wetland in North America, the Hudson Bay Lowlands and will be based at Nester One Field Camp in Wapusk National Park, Churchill Northern Studies Centre, as well as the town of Churchill, Manitoba and other field locations.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Ryan Brook, College of Agriculture and Bioresources ryan.brook@usask.ca Dr. Brook has been doing fieldwork in the Greater Wapusk Ecosystem for >20 years and he has been leading this field school annually since 2004.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This field-based travel course will provide hands-on research experience in natural ecosystems in the sub-arctic of the Hudson Bay coast in northern Manitoba at the interface between animals, people, and the environment. This experiential course is an intensive introduction to and connection between the ecology and Aboriginal cultures of the sub-arctic. Students contribute to collecting long-term wildlife and habitat monitoring projects on polar bears and permafrost as well as designing and conducting their own field research projects.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: ryan.brook@usask.ca

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