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Experts studying forest owlet back efficacy

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The critically endangered Forest Owlet, Heteroglaux blewitti. Tarique Sani, Flickr.
A debate is brewing between researchers over the proposed study of the critically endangered forest owlet near Melghat tiger reserve.


While a section of experts emphasized the importance of research for the conservation of vulnerable species, activists and some scientists maintain that the bird can survive without any studies. Researchers are cut up about claims that the bird had become extinct in areas where similar research was carried out were 'baseless'.


"The decline in biodiversity because of habitat loss is being mourned globally. In 1872, the forest owlet was found in Odisha, but it has not been spotted ever since because the forest has been replaced by agricultural fields. It is important to get scientific information including the habitat needs of such species, breeding and nesting requirements for conservation efforts," said Prachi Mehta, lead researcher .

View the full article from The Times of India

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