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AOU Student Membership Awards

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Student Membership Awards

updated 12 October 2014


The Student Membership Awards competition for 2014 is now open.

The Council of the American Ornithologists' Union has voted to provide one-year student membership awards to qualified undergraduate or graduate students interested in pursuing a career in ornithology.

To apply, students must:

  1. Have no current or prior membership in the AOU.
  2. Provide a resume or curriculum vitae describing the current degree program, the expected date of completion, the candidate's academic or work experience, and interests in ornithology (electronic documents please).
  3. Ask their academic advisor to provide a short note indicating support for the application, on institutional letterhead from the institution in which the student is currently enrolled (electronic documents please).

Membership awards will provide full membership in the AOU, including an online subscription to The Auk, plus all of the other benefits of membership. Importantly for students, membership in the AOU is required to apply for the Marcia Brady Tucker Travel Award or Presentation Awards at the annual meetings, as well as AOU Research Awards.

Membership awards are not renewable, but recipients can continue to be AOU members at the reduced student rate for four additional years, as long as they retain student or post-doctoral status.

The AOU reserves the right to limit the number of grants provided during one academic year to 200. There will be one application period each year, with a January 1st deadline.

Materials should be emailed prior to January 1, 2014 to:

Dr. Daniel Mennill, AOU Student Membership Awards Committee, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON N9B3P4, Canada. Email: dmennill@uwindsor.ca

Please use subject heading "AOU Student Membership Award". You will receive an email confirmation of receipt within one week of submitting your application, and results will be announced within two weeks of the deadline.



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