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New Publication from the Midwest Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership - MWADC User's Guide

Chris Merkord

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The Midwest Avian Data Center (MWADC) is a cooperative effort between PRBO Conservation Science (founded as Point Reyes Bird Observatory; PRBO), the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Midwest Region, and the Midwest Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership. MWADC serves as a regional data node for the Avian Knowledge Network (AKN). It is modeled after the California Avian Network Center (CADC), which also serves as a data node for the Avian Knowledge Network. With the contributions from these and other resources, the Avian Knowledge Network maintains datasets representing monitoring efforts across North America (and beyond). In this brief user’s guide, we describe data management and decision support tools offered by MWADC. These tools are designed to manage and analyze bird monitoring data in support of avian conservation and management decisions. We place an emphasis on data management procedures, partly because they differ from those associated with short-term projects. The Avian Knowledge Network, CADC and MWADC provide excellent resources in this area. In addition to data management, we will also review some exciting new decision support tools hosted on the MWADC and CADC sites.


Download your free copy today:MWADC_UsersGuide_Final_20111130.pdf


Visit Midwest Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership at: http://midwestbirdmo...msg_mes_network

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