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The Auk 128(4), October 2011 - Table of Contents

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Cover: Imperial Woodpeckers (Campephilus imperialis) in high elevation coniferous forest in the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico, depicted at the site near Guacamayita in southern Durnago state where this species was last documented in 1956. (See Lammertink et al., pages 671–677.) Original acrylic painting on hot-pressed paper by Evaristo Hernández-Fernández, Bartels Science Illustration Intern at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
The Auk
An International Journal of Ornithology

Volume 128, Number 4, October 2011

Rapid Communications

Maltreated nestlings exhibit correlated maltreatment as adults: Evidence of a “cycle of violence” in Nazca Boobies (Sula granti) (Los Pichones Maltratados Exhiben Maltrato como Adultos: Evidencia de un “Ciclo de Violencia” en Sula granti)
Martina S. Müller, Elaine T. Porter, Jacquelyn K. Grace, Jill A. Awkerman, Kevin T. Birchler, Alex R. Gunderson, Eric G. Schneider, Mark A. Westbrock and David J. Anderson
Auk 2011 128 (4), 615-619

Perspectives in Ornithology

Genetic Introgression: An Integral but neglected component of speciation in birds
Frank E. Rheindt and Scott V. Edwards
Auk 2011 128 (4), 620-632

Research Articles

Behavior and Behavioral Ecology

Site fidelity and lifetime territorial consistency of Ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocapilla) in a contiguous forest (Fidelidad al Sitio y Consistencia Territorial durante la Vida en Seiurus aurocapilla en un Bosque Continuo)
Michael J. Bernard, Laurie J. Goodrich, Walter M. Tzilkowski and Margaret C. Brittingham
Auk 2011 128 (4), 633-642

Energy intake, kleptoparasitism risk, and prey choice by Glaucous-winged Gulls (Larus glaucescens) foraging on sea stars (Apport énergétique, risque de kleptoparasitisme et choix des proies par Larus glaucescens s'alimentant d'étoiles de mer)
Justin P. Suraci and Lawrence M. Dill
Auk 2011 128 (4), 643-650

Dynamic habitat selection by two wading bird species with divergent foraging strategies in a seasonally fluctuating wetland (Selección de Hábitat Dinámica por dos Especies de Aves Zancudas con Estrategias Divergentes de Forrajeo en un Humedal con Fluctuaciones Estacionales)
James M. Beerens, Dale E. Gawlik, Garth Herring and Mark I. Cook
Auk 2011 128 (4), 651-662

Behavior and Physiology

Effects of incubation delay on viability and microbial growth of Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) eggs (Efectos del Retraso en el Inicio de la Incubación sobre la Viabilidad e Infección Microbiana de Huevos de Aix sponsa)
Johnathan G. Walls, Gary R. Hepp and Lori G. Eckhardt
Auk 2011 128 (4), 663-670

Conservation Biology

Film documentation of the probably extinct Imperial Woodpecker (Campephilus imperialis) (Documentación Fílmica de la Especie Probablemente Extinta Campephilus imperialis)
Martjan Lammertink, Tim W. Gallagher, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, John W. Fitzpatrick, Eric Liner, Jorge Rojas-Tomé and Patricia Escalante
Auk 2011 128 (4), 671-677

Evolution and Genetics

Convergent gains of red carotenoid-based coloration in the New World blackbirds (Adquisiciones Convergentes de Coloraciones Basadas en Carotenoides Rojos en los Ictéridos)
Nicholas R. Friedman, Lynna M. Kiere and Kevin E. Omland
Auk 2011 128 (4), 678-687

Maintenance of a hybrid zone: The role of female mate choice (Maintien d'une zone hybride : le rôle du choix du partenaire par la femelle)
Jane M. Hughes, Alicia Toon, Peter B. Mather and Corinna L. Lange
Auk 2011 128 (4), 688-695


Phylogeography of the Barred Owl (Strix varia): Species limits, multiple refugia, and range expansion (Filogeografía de Strix varia: Límites Específicos, Refugios Múltiples y Expansión Geográfica)
George F. Barrowclough, Jeff G. Groth, Karan J. Odom and Jonas E. Lai
Auk 2011 128 (4), 696-706

Population Biology and Demography

Effects of extreme climate events on adult survival of three Pacific auks (Effets des événements climatiques extrêmes sur la survie des adultes de trois pingouins du Pacifique)
Kyle W. Morrison, J. Mark Hipfner, Gwylim S. Blackburn and David J. Green
Auk 2011 128 (4), 707-715

Brood size and late breeding are negatively related to juvenile survival in a Neotropical migratory songbird (El Tamaño de la Parvada y la Reproducción Tardía se Relacionan Negativamente con la Supervivencia de Individuos Jóvenes en un Ave Canora Migratoria Neotropical)
Scott A. Tarof, Patrick M. Kramer, James R. Hill Iii, John Tautin and Bridget J. M. Stutchbury
Auk 2011 128 (4), 716-725

Estimating survival and life-stage transitions in the Laysan Albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis) using multistate mark–recapture models (Estimación de la Supervivencia y las Transiciones en los Estadios de Vida en Phoebastria immutabilis usando Modelos de Estado Múltiple de Marcado y Recaptura)
Eric A. VanderWerf and Lindsay C. Young
Auk 2011 128 (4), 726-736

Reproductive and Breeding Biology

An experimental study of fledging success in American Coots (Fulica americana): Effects of brood size, food availability, and hatching asynchrony (Estudio Experimental del Éxito de Emplumamiento en Fulica americana: Efectos de Tamaño de la Cría, Disponibilidad de Alimento y Asincronía de eclosión)
Todd W. Arnold
Auk 2011 128 (4), 737-745

Effects of snow-related environmental variation on breeding schedules and productivity of a high-altitude population of Dusky Flycatchers (Empidonax oberholseri) (Efectos de la Variación Ambiental relacionada con la Nieve sobre la Fenología Reproductiva y Productividad de una Población de Altura de Empidonax oberholseri)
Maria E. Pereyra
Auk 2011 128 (4), 746-758

Mercury exposure affects the reproductive success of a free-living terrestrial songbird, the Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus) (La Exposición al Mercurio Afecta el Éxito Reproductivo de Thryothorus ludovicianus, un Ave Canora Terrestre Silvestre)
K. Jackson Allyson, David C. Evers, Matthew A. Etterson, Anne M. Condon, Sarah B. Folsom, Jennifer Detweiler, John Schmerfeld and Daniel A. Cristol
Auk 2011 128 (4), 759-769

Extrapair fertilizations and the potential for sexual selection in a socially monogamous songbird (Fertilizaciones Extra-Pareja y Potencial de Selección Sexual en un Ave Canora Socialmente Monógama)
Angelika Poesel, H. Lisle Gibbs and Douglas A. Nelson
Auk 2011 128 (4), 770-776


Diversification of an endemic Southeast Asian genus: Phylogenetic relationships of the spiderhunters (Nectariniidae: Arachnothera) (Diversification d'un genre endémique de l'Asie du Sud-Est : les relations phylogénétiques d'Arachnothères (Nectariniidae : Arachnothera))
Robert G. Moyle, Sabrina S. Taylor, Carl H. Oliveros, Haw Chuan Lim, Cheryl L. Haines, Mustafa A. Rahman and Frederick H. Sheldon
Auk 2011 128 (4), 777-788


Neither individually distinctive songs nor “lek signatures” are demonstrated in suboscine Screaming Pihas
Donald Kroodsma
Auk 2011 128 (4), 789-790

Further analysis supports the conclusion that the songs of Screaming Pihas are individually distinctive and bear a lek signature
Lauren P. Fitzsimmons, Nicole K. Barker and Daniel J. Mennill
Auk 2011 128 (4), 790-792

Missing the forest for the gene trees: Conservation genetics is more than the identification of distinct population segments
Kelly R. Barr, Giri Athrey, Denise L. Lindsay, Richard F. Lance, Timothy J. Hayden, Scott A. Tweddale and Paul L. Leberg
Auk 2011 128 (4), 792-794

Endangered species management and the role of conservation genetics: A response to Barr et al.
Robert M. Zink, Andrew W. Jones, C. Craig Farquhar, Michael C. Westberg and Jose I. Gonzalez Rojas
Auk 2011 128 (4), 794-797


In Memoriam: Gary Bortolotti, 1954–2011
C. Stuart Houston and M. Gerrard Jon
Auk 2011 128 (4), 798-799

In Memoriam: Gordon Lindsay Maclean, 1937–2008
Margaret M. Koopman
Auk 2011 128 (4), 800

Book Reviews

Review: Handbook of the Birds of the World, vol. 15: Weavers to New World Warblers
J. V. Remsen Jr
Auk 2011 128 (4), 801-803

Review: Bird Migration and Global Change; Effects of Climate Change on Birds
Thomas W. Sherry
Auk 2011 128 (4), 803-805

Review: Evolution and Taxonomy of White-cheeked Geese
Robert W. Dickerman
Auk 2011 128 (4), 805-807

Review: Moments of Discovery: Natural History Narratives from Mexico and Central America
R. Todd Engstrom
Auk 2011 128 (4), 807


100 Years Ago in The American Ornithologists’ Union
Kimberly G. Smith
Auk 2011 128 (4), 808-809


Estimating Migratory Connectivity of Gray Catbirds (Dumetella carolinensis) using Geolocator and Mark–recapture Data
Thomas B. Ryder, James W. Fox and Peter P. Marra
Auk 2011 128 (4), 810

In Memoriam: Bradley Curtis Livezey, Jr., 1954–2011
Richard L. Zusi
Auk 2011 128 (4), 811

Reviewers for The Auk 2011
Auk 2011 128 (4), 812

Index to Volume 128
Todd J. Underwood and Robyn M. Underwood
Auk 2011 128 (4), 813-829
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